May The Fourth Be With You

Do you understand the importance of a content calendar?

While you cannot always anticipate #TrendingTopics there are events and topics that occur weekly, monthly, and annually that you should have on your calendars and can prepare for in advance.

These include the obvious holidays like Christmas, New Years, Mother’s Day, Canada Day, as well other historical and cultural (and pop cultural) influenced days like today May 4th, Star Wars Day and tomorrow May 5th Cinco De Mayo.

There’s also cause-oriented days and months like Celiac Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, World Water Day, World Ocean Day, and Global Running Day, that your brand should create content and join conversations about.

Finally, there’s a long list of “national days” that I wonder about existing before social media, from National Macaroni Day to National Hammock Day to National Make A Friend Day to National Golf Day that you might as well participate in too, selecting those that make the most sense for your brand.

Below are this years and past #MayTheFourth graphics created by YYC3 Inc. for Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. and Gabriella’s Kitchen Inc. Accompanied with clever captions of course. And for more examples see the aforementioned Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts.