Allied Pipeline Technologies (Project Ended 2017)

Allied Pipeline Technologies is a multinational company specializing in pipeline services. APTec’s  focus is developing and implementing solutions for corrosion/abrasion protection of your new pipeline, and rehabilitation of existing pipes with no-dig methods.

• Based on goals and research, created a brief digital marketing strategy for Allied Pipelined Technologies

• Formalized strategy after the initial consultation providing APTec with a framework to understand digital media Best Practices and prepare for future step to take APTec digital marketing to the” next level” when ready

• Managed SquareSpace blog

• Editing, uploading, and styling posts as provided

• Created square-friendly logo for profile photo

• Updated and managed Allied Pipeline Technologies business profile

• Copywriting and sharing company updates

• Created and updated profiles for key APTec employees

• Provided a Best Practice guide to APTec employees