Big Chief Meat Snacks (Past)

Evaluated current branding and marketing tactics to create an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy inclusive of digital media:

• Key Metrics
• Goal Setting
• Brand Audit
• Key Channels
• Key Messaging
• Brand Standards
• Industry Analysis
• Competitor Analysis
• Business Conditions Analysis
• Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Launched all new website in 2012 with new content, design, and functionality:

– Copywriting
– Design
– User Experience
– Maintenance
– Data Analytics
– Customer Support

Increased web traffic by over 1200%
Decreased bounce rate by 40%

Launched WooCommerce shop in 2014

– Product Merchandising
– Promotion Planning
– Coupon Creation
– Order Processing
– Order Fulfillment
– Inventory Management
– Customer Support
– Data Analytics

Successfully use promotions to clear required inventory
Increased e-sales by 75% each year
Launched Brand Ambassador program to increase brand awareness and leverage user-generated content with the like-minded community:
– Recruiting
– Onboarding
– Management
Over 20 brand ambassadors across Canada including elite athletes
Developed an integrated content marketing strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @BigChiefBeef:
– Content Creation (Copywriting & Design)
– Content Coordination
– Community Engagement
– Paid Advertising
– Customer Support
– Data Analytics
Grew Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram following from 0 to over 19K
Successfully used contests to increase engagement and traffic to website
Social media accounted for over 50% of total website traffic
Streamlined event sponsorship process through digital submission form on website:
– Review
– Logistics
– Event Representation
Designed new promotional products to outfit brand ambassadors, use for event giveaways, social media contests, e-store promotions and value-add on’s, etc. as part of integrated marketing strategy:
– Product Selection
– Pricing and Price-Break Points
– Graphic Design
– Inventory Management