Gabriella’s Kitchen (10/2014 – 06/2017)

Using a brand standards guide and market research provided, created a digital marketing strategy including: Social Media, WordPress website, and WooCommerce e-store.

Launched new WordPress website in January 2015 with new content, design, and functionality. Steadily implemented new content and features over 24 months to increase web traffic, length of session, pages per session and more.

  • Increased website sessions to 10,000+ per month
  • Increased pages views to 59,000+ per month
  • Decreased bounce rate to 2.19%

Responsible for managing content, maintenance, user experience, and analytics.

Launched WooCommerce e-store to USA customers in July 2015.

Working with a fulfilment company in the USA required software integration with WooCommerce store. Managing communications between customers and fulfilment was also required, maintaining transactions from end-to-end.

Responsible for creating and executing sales and promotions in conjunction with inventory management, customer support, and analytics reporting.

Implemented a search engine optimization and link preview customization process using the Yoast SEO WooCommerce plugin.

Responsible for blog writing and styling.

  • Find entries by Hayley Bendzik here.

Took over Antipasto’s Kitchen and Hollywood Foods Facebook pages to eventually merge into a new brand, Gabriella’s Kitchen – the maker’s of skinnypasta.

  • Conducted numerous successful contests.
  • 23,000+ video views.
  • 32 product reviews.
  • A top 10 traffic source.

Managed the digital GK brand, voice, and community, responsible for content creation, coordination, community engagement, paid boosts and campaigns, customer support, and analytics reporting.

Launched @gkskinnypasta Instagram Profile in January, 2015.

  • From 0 to 17,000+ followers in 2 years!
  • 1,000,00+ engagements
  • A top 10 website traffic source

Was responsible for all Instagram content creation, curation, coordination, community engagement, customer support, and analytics reporting.

Tookover Twitter Profile in October 2014.

  • A successful tool for contests and giveaways.
  • 8000+ followers.
  • 5000+ profile visits per month.
  • 100,000+ impressions per month.
  • Top 10 source of website traffic.

Responsible for Twitter content creation, curation, coordination, community engagement, paid boosts and campaigns, customer support, and analytics reporting.

Developed and launched the Gabriella’s Kitchen Brand Ambassador Program in November 2014.

Was responsible for identifying like-minded individuals in the community, recruiting, onboarding, engaging, and managing these individuals. Helped to organize ambassador events.

Identified products complimentary to the GK lifestyle and worked with suppliers to create GK branded items used for contests, promotions, outfitting brand ambassadors, as well as to be sold in the e-store.

Created exclusive t-shirt designs with Calgary- designer whiskeyweekend.

Assist with event planning and hosting. Acted as a brand representative at events including the 2016 Celebrity Connected Oscars Red Carpet in Los Angeles.