Say No To Typo’s

Definitely one of the more random articles read on Complex but… It’s always interested me how casual people’s attitudes can be towards language and grammar on social media. While I recognize social media as a more informal platform in comparison to traditional information channels it still bothers me when spelling and grammar errors are completely overlooked… Technologically mediated communication has become a mishmash of acronyms, abbreviations, and neologisms and it seems many of us have thrown away everything we learned in English class, completely disregarding the need for grammatically correct writing practices.

If you’re like me and cringe when someone uses YOUR vs. YOU’RE incorrectly, you know what I am talking about. Or if you’re like me and have had people spell your name wrong on Facebook, when they could literally move their eyes an inch to reference the correct spelling, you also get me. I am no English Major myself and I am not saying you need to be J.K. Rowling and write a best-selling series of novels, but come on; misspelling someone’s name is disrespectful and quite frankly inexcusable when it takes 10 seconds to look up the correct spelling.

While Facebook and Instagram have now enabled editing, on Twitter if you’ve made a typo, just DELETE and retweet. Especially if you have a business or public account, do not accept errors! It only takes a few extra seconds to be professional, respectful, and will save you from being “thrown shade” by Giorgio Armani.