YYC3 builds responsive WordPress websites as well as WooCommerce and Shopify e-commerce. Responsive websites are important to ensure the website design adapts to any size screen from large desktop monitors to tablets and mobile phones. Most websites are also dynamic, meaning they are never “done” and require continuous updates including new imagery and information as well as updates to core themes and plugins.

At the forefront of copywriting, design, and development are considerations around brand aesthetic and user experience. Websites should tell your story, be easy to navigate, and be optimized for specific conversion goals. Visitors to your website should find the information they are looking for easily and efficiently, and use both text and images to demonstrate brand value and convert leads.

Clean and clear contacts forms are used for conversion metrics for non-commerce sites, and checkouts and sales are success metrics for e-commerce sites. Robust websites may host multiple types of contact forms to help streamline internal operations and send specific forms to the specific team members responsible for handling them.

On e-commerce sites, product merchandising is also extremely important, with tagging and filtering systems an added way to increase user experience, along with loyalty programs and personal logins for easy checkout. On both types of websites, customer reviews can also play a role to enhance credibility and convert leads, as more than ever before, consumers rely on reviews from their peers when making purchase decisions.

Blogs may also be an important section of a website to update with recent company news or to answer frequently asked questions. Blogs are often a good place to publish keyword-rich copy that helps with search engine optimization.

Websites should also be used to collect data about websites users, through key integrations like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, that can guide marketing strategies and be used in advertising to create lookalike audiences or retarget existing customers. All in all, strong websites should be both beautiful and functional, for both the customer and the company alike!