The Feels

It started with a photo on my feed… A familiar image, I had a photo of this very same giant happy lobster along Passeig de Colom, Barcelona. Provoked by Instagram I rediscovered my own photo in an old album and was transported to that day, that place, that trip, that friend, that feeling… Day dreaming got me Europe feigning, and that my friends is the power of the social media!

On the same note of “the feels”, it is important for a business to consider questions like:
• What is my identity?
• What do I feel strongly about?
• What does my audience feel strongly about?
• What provokes my audience?
• How do I want to make my audience feel?
• What can I do to make them feel that way?

In addition to the nostalgia Mr. Lobster makes me feel, this street art got me feeling some type of way.