Apple Music #DistractinglyGood

Apple always has great marketing (in my opinion) but this… might be the best yet. I love everything about it. The song, the concept, the way it clearly illustrates the product they are selling.

Clearly they know their target market for Apple Music choosing to use Popstar Taylor Swift as the feature actress and Rapper’s Drake and Future “Jumpman” as the feature track. As someone who researches my own music and typically converts off YouTube (shhh!) except for my absolute favourite artists, Apple Music just might be something I am going to start using.

According to Complex the commercial boosted “Jumpman” sales  by 431%. The commercial has been viewed over 20 million times on Facebook and Instagram and over 11 million on Twitter. Taylor’s fanbase retweeted her tweet over 67,000 times, and liked it over 120,000 times! I wonder how many Taylor fans are now WATTBA (What A Time To Be Alive) fans and vice versa.

What do YOU think of this commercial?!