They See Me Trollin‘… And They Replyin’

The internet is full of trolls (a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post), so if you’re going to be online, it’s important to establish a protocol for how your company (or digital marketing manager) deals with them!

Here’s a lesson from your favourite square burger joint, Wendy’s.

While I recommend all replies as bold as this be approved by superiors, this is certified “on brand” for Wendy’s. Fast feud, I mean fast food* companies like Wendy’s and Burger King have branded Twitter as a battleground, with headlines including; Wendy’s And Burger King Got Into A Fight On Twitter – BuzzFeed, 15 Epic Times Wendy’s Twitter Account Was Savage AF, and Wendy’s Is Roasting People On Twitter, And It’s Brutally Funny. 

If the shoe fits… Wear it!

In other words, if it fits your brand strategy, voice, and core values, go for it!

If your brand is more risk averse, not to worry. When in doubt be clear, concise, polite, and professional. Take the conversation into the DM’s or offline as soon as possible, say your piece, stick to your guns, and do not be roped into a back-and-forth battle. Of course, you can always consult and expert for advice too. Email me anytime!