Merry Christmas, Say It!

So my DHL driver just made my day and I think that I made his…

After leaving a note on my door because I wasn’t home, he saw me pull up and came back with my package. We discussed the cold weather, I paid my customs fees, and wished him a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. With a huge smile on his face he excitedly said, “Thanks! You know, so many people are scared to say that to me, I’m happy you did. PLEASE KEEP SAYING IT. And have a Merry Christmas too!”

This really made me think… It’s 2016 and everyone is sensitive about something so we do our best to be mindful and not offend anyone. This includes myself often opting for “Happy Holidays” especially in client marketing. But today this cute little man has changed my mind.

Don’t let someone’s exterior appearance determine whether on not you wish them “Merry Christmas”. Everyone, no matter what age, race, religion, can have a Merry December 25th and saying it selectively in an effort to be polite and politically correct might just be doing the opposite of your intention.