It is so fun and rewarding to connect with like-minded individuals over social media. One of the most amazing things about social media is how it enables relationships without boundaries, globally and digitally but another aspect I love is how it can be used to #SupportLocal.

Supporting local businesses helps strengthen your local economy. It creates more jobs, supports community groups, helps to maintain excellent service, keeps your community unique, and overall encourages local prosperity. Not to mention it reduces climate change impacts!

Finding complimentary brands, products, and services in the local community is one of my favourite things to do for clients. Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc. proudly supports a number of local organizations in Calgary and across Canada. These are relationships that I am proud to have helped create, grow, and/or sustain. Just visit the Community page of their website to see everything Big Chief does, much of which has been facilitated by YYC3 Inc. and good old social media marketing.

Pictured is one of our fly fishing friends from Kontra Apparel, a lifestyle brand based in Calgary, Alberta who catch bad ass fish! YYC3 Inc. connected the two companies over Instagram and now Big Chief keeps them fuelled on all of their fishing excursions. In fact, Jason, the owner of Kontra will be stopping by the Big Chief office tomorrow to pick up more portable protein snacks just in time for the weekend. 

I also helped Big Chief get set-up with a project called Localize Your Food that you might have seen in grocery stores. Localize gives products a “local score” based on 3 categories including production, ownership, and ingredients to encourage consumers to buy more local products. (Big Chief Original Beef Jerky is a 9.3/10 by the way.) If you’re a local grocer, producer, or shopper, check out their website. And of course, for local business solutions and partnerships, Contact YYC3 Inc.!