Social Media Marketing During A Crisis

Should I continue marketing my business during this crisis? 

Should I keep my paid advertising budget the same? 

What if I have to close my business down completely?

What should I post and what should I not post during the covid-19 pandemic?

During a pandemic like covid-19, social-distancing and self-isolating is encouraged, and in some cases mandated by local governments. People are scared, grocery store shelves are empty, and nonessential businesses are being forced to close their doors in the name of public health.

Large companies are using Zoom more than ever to video chat as employees #WFH (work from home), online shops are seeing increased web traffic, delivery apps surges of deliveries, fitness studios offering at home class, while other businesses are closing their doors all together. Covid-19 does not discriminate and has affected nearly everyone across the globe in some capacity, leaving extremely tough times to navigate for all. 

As a small business who works will small business owners, YYC3 understands the heavy decisions surrounding staying open, closing doors, cutting hours, or having to let employees or subcontractors go. With less or no money coming in, budget cuts are inevitable, and marketing at a time like this… what’s the point, right? Or is that wrong? 

Ultimately, each company has to make the best decisions for their circumstance, but as your local digital marketers, YYC3 has compiled the following list of ways your business can maintain its place on the internet, when in a crisis like COVID-19.